Indie Spice Grill Restaurant, Burgundy House, Forster Way, Swords

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About Us

We travel, we curate, we entertain and excite, we serve to exceed expectations.

An exceptional spectacle of Indian cuisine, our experienced and dedicated chefs make every meal at our restaurant a taste sensation.

We’re a contemporary reflection of the eclectic and diverse history of Indian cuisine – the crossroads of cultures from China to Europe and Africa, India is a dynamic nation and the beating heart of Asia.

Established in 1999, Indie Spice Grill furthers a long Indie tradition of serving the finest cuisine and exceeding customer satisfaction. Just ask our loyal advocates who keep coming back for more.

Warm and welcoming, accessible and exceptional, our melting pot of Indian influences are centre-stage at our theatre of fine Indian cuisine.

Our unique fusion makes for a healthy menu with maximum flavour and aroma.

Passionate about great food and inspired by our Swords home, our eclectic menu fuses fine Indian cuisine with the best local produce and in-season ingredients.

Low-fat and healthy, we use only lean and local meat, responsibly sourced vegetables, lentils, beans pulses, exotic herbs and exotic spices to maximise taste, increase fibre and lower levels of fat, salt and sugar.

All of our meats and vegetables are sourced from HACCP-compliant suppliers, for full trace ability.

A virtuous circle of sustainability and excellence, we only use health promoting low-cholesterol polyunsaturated oils. All additives, preservatives, artificial colours and carcinogens are strictly forbidden from our kitchen.

All Indie restaurants exceed EU Health and Hygiene Requirements and all of the products we use are sourced from ISO 9002 quality system approved exporters as far as possible.

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Ambassadors of authenticity.

Best characterised by the sophisticated and subtle use of herbs and spices, our exceptional cuisine and extensive knowledge of Indian regional variations makes us the true taste ambassadors of India’s ‘melting pot’.

Our team


Manish Kumar Sharma

Head Chef
Manish Kumar Sharma

An ingenious, resourceful and competitive professional, Manish has served at some of the world’s top Hotels since 2000: Clarke Hotel, Varanasi; the famous Taj Ganges, Varanasi (2002); ‘The Great Kebab Factory’ restaurant at Raddison, Varanasi (2004) where he received the prestigious ‘Master Chef’ certificate and unprecedented press attention for his culinary skills and The Rambagh Palace, Jaipur (TAJ Hotels, 2006). Manish left as an ‘Executive Sous Chef’ to travel and experiment further with his cooking. Passionate about his work as As Indie’s Head Chef, Manish demands the highest standards from his team.


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